Flat Nozzle
Standard Flat Nozzles
Advanjet provides nozzle sizes from 50µm to 400µm in either a hard tungsten carbide or a high wear-resistant ceramic. Each single piece nozzle has been custom designed and precision manufactured to provide the repeatability and performance you expect from Advanjet. A universal nozzle plate will accept every nozzle made by Advanjet. When it is time to replace your nozzle, a new nozzle can be easily exchanged in the universal nozzle plate. No need to replace an expensive cartridge just to replace the nozzle.
Extended Tip Nozzle
Extended Tip Nozzles
Many applications require jetting in tight spaces, vias, or cavities. Advanjet provides nozzles with extended tips allowing you to get close to specific targets or around obstacles. Advanjet offers both a 2mm and a 6mm version in several different designs to optimize jetting of certain materials. We can also provide longer tips as a custom design if needed.
4 kinds of diaphragms
The diaphragm is the heart of our technology. We offer a wide variety of diaphragm materials and tips. The standard tip is made from a hard tungsten carbide but is also available in a wear-resistant silicon nitride. There are four diaphragm materials which can provide high chemical resistance and long service life. Contact our application department for specific recommendations on which diaphragm is best for your application.
Feed Tubes
The diaphragm jet uses a replaceable feedtube which connects the fluid reservoir to the jet. The feedtubes come in a variety of materials and sizes.

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