Advanjet HM-2500


  • Hot melt dispensing up to 150°C
  • Line speeds up to 100mm/sec
  • Readily achievable 400 μm lines
  • Designed for quick and easy cleaning
  • Dual independent temperature controllers for the jet and the melter to optimize jetting performance and maximize material life
  • Unique disposable feed tube
  • No fluid seals to clean or replace
  • Advanced high-temperature diaphragm with tungsten carbide tip
  • Tungsten carbide nozzle for long life

Advanjet Patented Diaphragm Technology

The HM-2500 Diaphragm Jet with advanced high- temperature diaphragm is easy to use and especially easy to clean. This jet’s secret is the novel diaphragm design. A single easily replaceable diaphragm eliminates dynamic fluid seals common in all other jets. Only the nozzle plate and diaphragm are in contact with the fluid. The jetting mechanism is isolated from the fluid to ensure contamination-free operation.

Smart Heating Extends PUR and Jet Life

Dual independent temperature controllers for the jet and the melter allow heating the nozzle to optimum jetting temperature while keeping the PUR at reduced temperature for extended life. The HM-2500’s nozzle and syringe heaters provide jetting temperatures up to 150 °C. Thermal isolation keeps the jet actuator below 55°C during operation while jetting fluid at 150 °C.

Clean Melting for Quick Cleaning

Designed for easy cleaning, the HM-2500 syringe melter features a disposable feed tube. To eliminate having to clean residual PUR between the syringe and the jet, a thermal jacket surrounds the high-temperature feed tube, so the syringe can be removed with the feed tube attached. The unique disposable feed tube means minimal cleaning and quick syringe exchange. Additionally, the feed tube locking feature allows for “hot swapping” a preheated syringe for uninterrupted production.

Standalone Controller or RS-232 Link

The HM-2500C Controller has been designed specifically for PUR dispensing, including dual independent temperature controllers and dual independent power supplies for the jet and the melter. Precision air regulators and gauges allow fine-tuning of jetting parameters. Six independent recipes can be easily input and stored from the fully programmable front panel, and an RS-232 computer interface offers PC integration. Recipes can be triggered via a digital I/O connection for easy robot integration.