Advanjet HM-2500C


  • Hot melt dispensing up to 150 °C
  • Dual trigger mode for dispensing single drops, multiple drops and lines
  • Dual independent temperature controllers for the jet and the melter provide optimal jetting performance with maximum material life
  • PID auto-tuned temperature controllers with RTD sensors maintain uniform temperatures
  • Precision pressure regulators and pressure gauges
  • Easy programming through front panel keys or PC

The Perfect Companion

The Advanjet HM-2500C is the companion controller for PUR (Polyurethane Reactive) dispensing with the HM-2500 Hot Melt Jet, and the only Hot Melt controller with Advanjet’s patented Diaphragm-Jet technology.

Designed for PUR Dispensing

The HM-25000C has dual independent temperature controllers for the jet and the melter, so the nozzle can be heated to optimum jetting temperature while keeping the PUR at a reduced temperature for extended life.

Precise Fluid Management

Refill and Dwell timing parameters can be adjusted with 0.1-msec resolution for precise control of the dispensing process. For flexible process window optimizing, the HM-2500C offers a wide range of drop sizes and drop rates, as well as time- sensitive first drop compensation. Pressure regulators and digital pressure gauges provide accurate control of jet and fluid pressures.

Standalone or Remote Control

Dispensing parameters are easily set using the front panel keys and LCD display. Six independent dispensing recipes can be input and stored. Recipes can be triggered from the front panel or through a digital I/O connection for easy robot integration. Additionally, an RS-232 computer interface offers PC integration.