Advanjet HV-2000


  • Up to 300 drops/sec
  • Outstanding repeatability
  • Viscosities up to 400K cps
  • Drops as small as 10 nl
  • No fluid seals to clean or replace
  • Integral heater with minimal fluid heated
  • Tungsten carbide internal components for long life

The Advanjet design team developed a new diaphragm, non-contact jet dispenser that saves time and money. The HV-2000 jet is unlike any other jet on the market. This jet’s secret is a novel diaphragm design. One single, easily replaceable diaphragm eliminates dynamic fluid seals common in all other jets. No need to disassemble, clean and replace worn seals, saving time and money. The diaphragm allows fast cycle rates because of its very small mass. There is no large sliding valve stem slowing down the process. With this novel diaphragm design, the energy needed to eject a drop can be adjusted providing wider process windows. The HV-2000 dispenses a wide range of fluids and applications.

It's Fast

300 drops/sec continuous duty provides 50% increase in throughput over conventional jets!

Simple to Clean

ONLY TWO parts contact the fluid! Conventional jets can have as many as 8 parts requiring cleaning. With only two parts to clean, cleaning the HV-2000 takes only minutes and no need to remove the jet from the robot. A diaphragm and nozzle plate install immediately without the need to carefully calibrate the jet saving valuable production time. And, no special off-line cleaner is required!


The HV-2000 generates a high drop velocity allowing a wide range of fluids and applications. In addition, the drop velocity is easily changed to help you tune your process and achieve a high process capability and wide process window.


The advanced electronic drive provides power when needed and reduces power when idle. The internal air flow cools the jet body so it runs cool even during high-speed, continuous operation. The integral nozzle heater heats only the fluid in the nozzle plate and is thermally isolated from the jet body.

Easy to Integrate

In combination with the standalone HV-2000C controller, a single trigger line is all you need to be dispensing complex dispensing programs.