Advanjet HV-2000C Controller


  • Flexible and Easy Integration
  • Drop Count Log and Help Screen on Controller Software
  • Six Independent Recipes
  • Timing Parameters for Refill and Dwell times
  • Dual Trigger Mode
  • Thermal Management
Advanjet HV-2000C Controller Software
Advanjet Controller Software Screen

At the core of the HV-2000C is a powerful single board computer and LCD display. Front panel keys easily set all the dispensing parameters needed to control the HV-2000 Diaphragm Jet Dispenser.


Six independent dispensing recipes can be programmed using the front panel keys or using the Advanjet Software and downloaded into memory. Once programmed, the jet can be triggered manually, from a host robot, or from a PC using the RS232 interface.

Fluid Management

Timing parameters including Refill and Dwell times can be adjusted with 0.1msec resolution allowing precise control of the dispensing process. A wide range of drop sizes and drop rates can be set to allow flexibility when optimizing your process window. Additionally, time sensitive, first drop compensation is included providing extra control when dispensing thixotropic fluids. Pressure regulators and digital pressure gauges provide accurate control of the jet and fluid pressures.

Dual Trigger Mode

Single drops, multiple drops and lines can be programmed. When set in Pulse Mode, a preprogramed number of drops will be dispensed. When set to Level Mode, the jet will continuously fire allowing lines to be dispensed.

Thermal Management

The advanced electronic drivers provide power when needed and reduce power when the jet is idle to keep the jet running cool even during continuous operation. The PID auto-tuned temperature controller with an RTD sensor maintains the nozzle heater at a uniform temperature. A programmable heater timer automatically shuts off the heater when the jet is idle reducing the risk of curing heat sensitive materials.

OEM Configurations

For users who want to integrate the capabilities of the HV-2000 into their own products, a custom OEM kit can be provided. The required components to interface to a PLC or custom control system can be provided.

Advanjet Software

The Advanjet software adds significant capability to program, name and save your program recipes. The recipes can be run directly from your PC via RS232 or downloaded into the HV-2000C controller. Additional features include a Drop Count Log and Help screen.