Robot Integration

The HV-2000 is designed for Fast, Flexible and Easy Integration!

Integrating the HV-2000 diaphragm jet and controller with a robot or automation system is as simple as mounting the Jet, attaching the Jet Controls and the Robot Trigger cable

The HV-2000 jet is supplied with a configurable mounting plate to attach to the robot. The HV-2000C controller provides the pneumatic, heater controls, and 6 timing recipes which are actuated through a simple TTL signal from the robot.

Programming recipes can be done manually or can be done remotely using Advanjet’s controller software. The recipes can be downloaded via RS-232.

For OEMs that want to control the jet with custom software, a full-featured (ASCII format) command set is included in the HV-2000C controller.

The HV-9500 is designed to Integrate with Popular Dispensing Platforms!

The HV-9500 is designed for Standalone Integration. For OEMs and system integrators who use a PLC or have custom electronic that can send 24V pulses, the HV-9500 is the perfect solution. Whether you have an existing dispensing system you want to upgrade with jetting capability or are designing a special machine, the HV-9500 Jet is your best choice.