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Material Application
Delo Photobond 4302 Optically clear bonding
Dymax Multicure 9-911-REV-A Wire tacking
Dymax Light Weld 1180-M-UR Bonding medical devices
Dymax Light Weld 3069-GEL Bonding on flex substrates
Kyoritsu World Rock 5300T2 Camera Module Assembly
Loctite 190024 BGA edge bonding
Loctite 349 Bonding of optical devices
Polytec PT UV 2192 Medical applications

System Recommendations

UV cure fluids are used in a variety of applications. The Diaphragm Jet is used in high volume production lines because of it’s reliability and ease of cleaning. With the ability to adjust jetting velocity, applications with pocket or grooves are easily filled without splashing. For best results, consider:

  • HV-2000 Diaphragm Jet with the HV-2000C Controller
  • HV-9500 Standalone Jet for integration on existing automation
  • Durable 09-26XX Series Carbide standard or extended tip Nozzles
  • Chemically Resistant Contoured FFKM 09-2028 diaphragms