Advanjet’s Diaphragm Jet provides fast and accurate dispensing for a very wide range of applications. Hundreds of different fluids from dozens of manufacturers have been successfully qualified through our of application process.

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Two images of the same droplet (taken by a high speed strobe) 100μs apart showing a velocity of 12m/s.

Developing an optimized jetting recipe with a wide operating window requires a jet with the capability to eject a stable drop of fluid at a consistent speed. For high-volume production, the speed of the drop is an important parameter which is often overlooked.

If the speed of the drop is too low, drops will not break away from the nozzle properly and cause accumulation on the tip. If the speed of the drop is too high, splashing can occur when the drop hits the substrate. All jets on the market have the ability to make different size drops, but only Advanjet has the ability to simply adjust the speed of drop for optimum performance. With the Advanjet Diaphragm Jet the perfect drop speed can be achieved for reliable performance in high-volume production.