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Material Application
Cemedine Super-X NO.8008 Bonding on PCBs
Delo LT-204 Bonding camera modules
Heraeus PD-205A Surface mount adhesive
Loctite 3492 General Bonding
Loctite 3621 Surface mount adhesive
Loctite 620 Anaerobic Retaining Compound
Loctite AA 326 Anaerobic Bonding Compound
Sigma-Aldrich 791512 Organic Photovoltaic

System Recommendations

The versatility of Advanjet Diaphragm Jet™ allows a wide range of jetting energy needed to precisely jet thin anaerobic fluids as well as highly viscous adhesives. The integrated heater aids when jetting “stringy” fluids. For best results, consider:

  • HV-2000 Diaphragm Jet with the HV-2000C Controller
  • Long-Life 09-23XX Series Ceramic Nozzles
  • Flexible Silicone 09-2023 or Chemically Resistant 09-2036 FFKM Di